Aan dan Mangga

Pada tanggal 6 November pagi, Aan dan Oma berfoto dengan pohon dan buah mangga madu di halaman rumah.

Amsal Pilihan dari Airmadidi

Semua kutipan ayat Alkitab berikut diambil dari Holy Bible CEV. Dikutip pada Agustus 2012.

## Hikmat Pengetahuan

No matter how much you know or what plans you make, you can’t defeat the Lord. Proverbs 21:30.

Wisdom bring strength, and knowledge gives power. Wisdom is like honey for your life-if you find it, your future is bright. Proverbs 24:5,14.

God can read your mind. He watches each of us and knows our thoughts. And God will pay us back for what we do. Proverbs 24:12b.

God is praised for being mysterious; rulers are praised for explaining mysteries. Proverbs 25:2.

There is more hope for a fool than for someone who says, “I’m really smart!” Proverbs 26:12.

Don’t boast about tomorrow! Each day brings its own surprises. Proverbs 27:1.

… all who live right will have a bright future. Proverbs 28:10.

Kings and leaders should not get drunk or even want to drink. Proverbs 31:4.

## Kehidupan Keluarga dan Persahabatan

Don’t fail to correct your children. You won’t kill them by being firm, and it may even save their lives. Proverbs 23:13,14.

Don’t be a heavy drinker or stuff yourself with food. It will make you drowsy, and you will end up poor with only rags to wear. Proverbs 23:20,21.

Make your parents proud, especially your mother. Proverbs 23:25.

Giving an honest answer is a sign of true friendship. Proverbs 24:26.

Patience and gentle talk can convince a ruler and overcome any problem. Proverbs 25:15.

Don’t boast about yourself-let others praise you. Proverbs 27:2.

You see your face in a mirror and your thoughts in the minds of others. Proverbs 27:19.

Gold and silver are tested in a furnace, but we are tested by praise. Proverbs 27:21.

Work hard, and you will have a lot of food; waste time, and you will have a lot of trouble. Proverbs 28:19.

If you correct your children, they will bring you peace and happiness. Proverbs 29:17.

A truly good wife is the most precious treasure a man can find! Proverbs 31:10.


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